5 times lube can be used for non-s*xual activities

5 times lube can be used for non-s*xual activities

When next you are at the pharmacy and you see a silicone-based lube, know that you can use it for so much more than a romp between the sheets.

Here are some non-sexual uses of lube;

Silicone is a common ingredient in conditioners and anti-frizz products. It will protect hair fibres and prevent them from sticking because it remains on the surface. Your hair becomes lustrous and soft as a result. You should spread lube evenly and thinly for the desired effect.

Apply it to the thighs to avoid chafing when running or doing regular daily activities. It’s ideal for this because it doesn’t seep into the skin and creates a super-smooth, friction-free surface. If you are a runner and your nipples always have friction with your cloth, you can rub them on your nipples.

Apply to remove rings that are stuck in your fingers and even necklaces that are twisted up in a knot. Some people use oil and butter, but this way is better because it’s not as messy.

You may use lubricant as both a shaving gel and a moisturizer as you shave your legs. You’re completely out of shaving cream and you have somewhere to be lube is just like conventional shaving creams and gels because it protects and moisturizes the skin.

If you are out of makeup remover or you spent a night somewhere without your makeup box, use the lubrication to wipe off your waterproof mascara. Then, use some lubricant as a faux lip gloss by dabbing it on your lips.

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